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spotlightonspend is an innovative online platform that seeks to deliver meaningful visibility of public sector spending on goods & services. To that end, significant effort is required to improve the raw financial data such that it is accessible, relevant and of value to the general public. The work to effect the data improvement is undertaken by Spikes Cavell – a private sector organization that transforms and analyzes spend and related data for more than 1,000 public sector bodies worldwide to help them save money, address important policy related questions and, as a bi-product of those efforts, facilitate the delivery of transparency.

The functionality on this and related pages enables the download of the transaction detail (above a value threshold set by the public body) before any cleansing, enrichment, aggregation or other data improvement has been made by Spikes Cavell other than;

  • the identification and redaction of payments made to individuals,
  • standardization of the file format (including column headings and positions).

The copyright in the raw financial data is owned by Anne Arundel County Public Schools, MD (the "Data Provider") who have elected to make the raw financial data freely-reusable by the general public.

Technical Note

Some users may experience a known Microsoft Excel bug when trying to 'Open' data files (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/213983) - the bug causes certain files not to be found). If you experience this problem, click the file and choose 'Save', rather than 'Open' and save a copy of the file to your desktop. You will then be able to open the file using Excel from your saved copy.

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Any questions you may have with regards to the data provided in this download section, then please contact the data owner directly.

Reconciling $ values in the Raw Data Download file to the External Spend with suppliers included in spotlightonspend

The Spend by Category view in spotlightonspend (see Spend in Summary) shows Total Payments to Suppliers of Goods & Services where aggregated period spend is greater than $1,000.

The Raw Data Download files list all payments over a value threshold set by the public body in the period shown.

The total value of payments in the Raw Data Download file will usually be different than the Spend by Category view in spotlightonspend because the Raw Data Download file additionally includes:

  1. Payments to Suppliers where the aggregate period spend with the supplier is less than $1,000.
  2. Redacted Payments
  3. Non-Trade items such as grants or payments to other Public Sector Bodies (where not classified as external trade/payments for goods & services).

For a fuller explanation of the process, please see the About section.

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